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I have put this website together with the help of several of my gaming
friends (Hey guy’s) to share some of our gaming experiences and basic
world of warcraft strategy for many different aspects of the game in
hope to help newbie’s enjoy the game more.

Many new world of warcraft players are not enjoying the game as much
as they should just because they make too many mistakes early on in
the game which slows them down and makes leveling there characters
much more tedious then it should be.

Be sure to take a good look around even if your not new to world of
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Basic World of Warcraft Strategy

It is not hard to get started in world of warcraft and you don’t need to
study any detailed strategy guide to have fun playing wow but if you are
just starting out in WOW it will be worth your while to use this site to
learn the basics and have the most fun playing world of warcraft.

I highly recommend that you first look at the different character classes
available to play to find the one that you feel will be the most enjoyable.

Each class has their own strategy of play and will perform better or worse
depending on how you choose to build it. I have put together a general
strategy guide for each class so you can get a good idea of just what you
might expect when playing them. I have also put together a basic PVP or
“Player vs. Player” guide for each class to help you get started in the
world of warcraft battlegrounds.

Basic fighting styles

In world of warcraft there are 3 basic fighting styles used by the various
classes available. Melee or (hand to hand) fighting, long range damage
dealing or a combination of both. Every class is specialized but the
strategy that you use for each can vary depending on how you like to play
the game. Using more than one strategy for fighting is usually a great
advantage so you can adapt to any situation.

Obviously some classes will do better with one style more than others.

A warrior does not cast spells or use long range weapons but is very strong
and can take lots of damage so naturally it will be primarily a melee
fighter. A Mage on the other hand is basically weak and more frail but can
do great damage using magic so it will be best off keeping its distance and
attacking from long range and staying out of harms way.

Then there are classes like the druid, warlock or paladin. These classes
have both the ability to handle some melee fighting and be effective either
offensively or defensively from a distance.

To help guide yourself through world of warcraft, you will want to find a
strategy that works best for you. Experiment with different styles of
fighting and get a good balance of offense and defense moves so you can
out-last your foe’s.

Use this wow strategy guide for Gold,Leveling,Fishing,Blacksmithing,
Mining and even your Cooking needs and Strategies all in one place.
No matter what kind of character you are using.

Look around and get help with leveling any class, PVP play, profession
leveling and getting more Gold.

This WOW strategy guide will help you.
Check out more info about your favorite world of warcraft classes.


Simple WOW battleground strategy guide.

Battleground (capture the flag) gameplay is a very popular form of group
style play in world of warcraft and many people have their own opinion’s
about battleground strategy.

I find that even though some people may have a great strategy plan for
battleground play, if the whole group does not work well together then even
the best strategy will not be effective. It’s important that everyone follows
certain basic rules to guide the group to victory.

First of all, always remember that this is a group effort. Build a small army
and then work in offensive and defensive squads.

Protect all captured world of warcraft area’s with a strong defensive squad.
These should be some of the tanks of your group and include a healer if you
have one to spare. Basically “hold the line”!

Dexterity, speed and long range damage should be the elements of your
offensive squads. The objective is to get the flag which I find is done best
by using  stealth (think rogue or monk) along with long range damage dealers
to help clear the way. These long range dealers should also double as healers
whenever possible.

Using your buffs should be a big part of your battleground strategy. Always
buff your team and they should be buffing you. Remember this is a team effort.

Healers play a crucial role in battleground strategy. Protecting your healers
should be one of your highest priorities. And remember to stay close to them,
they can’t heal you if they can’t see you. Being that healers are so important
to your team, your opposing teams healer’s should be targeted early on in a

Communication to the rest of your team is key to a successful battleground
strategy. Point out your enemies strenght’s and weaknesses. If your squad is
doing well, let the others know. If your playing defense and are close to
being defeated, let your offensive players know so they can try a last ditch
effort to take the area. Keep a look out for slackers. If you see team-mates
that are not doing their part they are hurting the group and should be exposed.

Remember “Team-work,Team-work,Team-work”




Cataclysm class & race chart
Death knight Druid Hunter Mage Paladin Priest Rogue Shaman Warlock Warrior
DraeneiDraenei Draenei Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DwarfDwarf Dwarf Yes Yes New Yes Yes Yes New New Yes
GnomeGnome Gnome Yes Yes New Yes Yes Yes
HumanHuman Human Yes New Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Night elfNight elf Night elf Yes Yes Yes New Yes Yes Yes
WorgenWorgen Worgen New New New New New New New New
Blood elfBlood elf Blood elf Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes New
GoblinGoblin Goblin New New New New New New New New
OrcOrc Orc Yes Yes New Yes Yes Yes Yes
TaurenTauren Tauren Yes Yes Yes New New Yes Yes
TrollTroll Troll Yes New Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes New Yes
UndeadUndead Undead Yes New Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

World of warcraft Cataclysm (also called Cata) expansion is finaly
here and WOW will never be the same.

Cataclysm is the third and most dramatic expansion for the world of
warcraft yet.The expansion takes place primarily in the radicaly
reforged Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms of Azeroth and has changed the
way the world looks forever.

Refered to as “The Shattering” much of Azeroth has been torn apart by
the awakeningof Neltharion the Earth Warder from the depths of the
elemental plane of WOW known as Deepholm.

Now known as Deathwing the Destroyer this evil Fire Dragon emerged from
beneath the world of warcraft and has caused nothing less than massive
destruction wherever it goes.

With this drastic change to WOW (World of Warcraft) a whole new strategy
will be needed to guide you through it’s new creatures and hazards.

There are many cool new zones that you will guide through in WOW with
the new Cataclysm expansion such as Mount Hyjal, the sunken world of
Vashjir,Deepholm(pretty much the core of Azeroth),Uldum and the Twilight
Highlands of the world of warcraft.

I’m really psyched about the two new WOW playable races that are in the
Cataclysm expansion that will change the strategy of group play from now
on. For the Alliance we have the Worgen(a werewolf type race) from the
kingdom of Gilneas and for the Horde there are the Goblins from the land
of Bilgewater Cartel. There are new mounts and a new wow profession called
Archaeology which sounds really interesting.



wow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide


It’s Gold that makes the World Of Warcraft go round.

Now how do you get the gold you ll need to get all the really cool stuff you
want for your character? You can simply search all over and hopefully find some.

You can battle to get some and sell stuff you find (or die trying).You might
even get some from another character (Not to often).Or you can learn the secrets
in this WOW strategy guide of how to get huge amounts of gold quickly and even
learn how to shoot up in levels super fast.

Most players are working too hard to get gold and they are doing it in the most
crude and complicated ways.It’s not that they are bad players (far from it),
it’s just that they don’t know any other way. This WOW strategy guide will show
you a better way.

They don’t know the secrets to getting HUGE amounts of gold with very simple
and fast method’s.And don’t worry, these method’s are totally legal and do not
break any rule’s set forth by World Of Warcraft.

You will learn how to farm the best way to get the most gold.

You will find out how and where to get the best item’s that you can keep, trade
or sell for great profit.You will learn all this and Much Much more from the
only WOW strategy guide that you’ll ever need.

It will blow your mind.


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