Death Knight PVP Guide

wow warcraft alliance horde leveling guideIf you are playing a death knight you obviously have been playing world
of warcraft for a while since you can’t play a death knight untill you
have reached level 55 with one of your characters.

You probably have also played in PVP at least a little bit so lets cut
to the chase and start talking about death knight PVP.

Death Knight PVP Guide

As a WOW death knight in PVP I recommend that you use Unholy Presence
at all times, but sometimes you will want to switch over to Frost
Presence for defensive reasons.

Some people use Blood Presence as they would outside of PVP but trust me,
stick with Unholy Presence most of the time.

You should also spec your death knight either as Unholy or as Frost,
these will help to slow down your enemies in PVP.

Some death knight player become over reliant on their rune/runic usage.
This is a absolute bust when playing in PVP, you must not over use your
runes too quickly or too soon.

Why I recommend Unholy and Frost.

Following the Unholy spec will let you use Desecrated Ground which will
slow down all enemies around you giving you a great advantage.

You can also use Bone armor for enhanced protection on top of your
exsisting armor giving you more fight time without the need to heal too

The Unholy Ghouls which you will raise from any dead corpes can be your
regular pet to keep your enemies busy and help defend you.


Death Knight PVP Guide

Frost lets you use Howling Blast to do excelent damage to multiple target’s
and frost also slows your enemies down. The only setback that I can find
using frost is the use of runes and having cooldown times.

The death knights’ PVP fighting strategy is not all that different from PVE.

The death knight will find paladin’s, warrior’s and warlock’s to be a bit
of a challenge but will find rogue’s and shaman to be pretty easy to defeat.

Not surprisingly hunter’s and priests are not that easy for the death knight
if the enemy is an accomplished player.

The reason for this is quite simple, a good hunter or priest player will stay
as far away as posible from a death knight and attack from afar.

If the death knight plays well in PVP it will be able to slow down the hunter
or priest enough so they can get close enough to do their damage and defeat
the hunter or priest.

wow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide

 Death Knight PVP Guide





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