Druid PVP Guide

Getting comfortable at playing the WOW PVP interface as a wow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide
druid takes some time and certainly is much easier done
with a quality WOW PVP guide. One of the greatest
advantages that the druid has in PVP is its’ versatility.

Unfortunatly this advantage also marks you as a prime
target. As a druid you will usually be attacked by your
opposing PVP team more often and with more aggression than
any other class because you will pose the greatest threat.

If you do not like this kind of attention then you might
want to consider using a different character class for PVP
game play.

Druid PVP Guide

On the other hand, if a challenge like this gives you a
rush your going to love playing a druid in world of
warcraft PVP play.

The druids’ shapeshifting abilities, healing abilities,
resistance to most crowd controlling techniques and the
fact that a druid can even take the role of a tank if
needed makes it in my opinion one of the most effective
PVP classes in world of warcraft.

Because the druid is such a flexable class, you will have
to make some important decisions when using your talent
points. You will want to orient your druid for PVP play,
for questing play or a combination of both.

If you try to spread your talent point’s around too much,
your druid will not be specialized enough for quality PVP play.


I don’t like to say that one spec or build is better than
another when it comes to PVP with a druid. Any spec can be
used by a druid in PVP as long as you play wisely. Here are
just a few basic PVP strategies to keep in mind when in PVP.

Druid PVP Guide

Against hunter’s,mage’s,priest’s,rogue’s and shaman’s use
cat form mostly so you can stay clear of their attacks and
get close to inflict your attacks. For hunter’s and rogue’s
be all business and just get in, attack and finish them off.
Shaman’s can be a little tricky, I recommend wearing them
down a bit and get them low on mana and then finish them.

Against druid’s,paladin’s,warrior’s and warlock’s stick to
bear form and fight like a tank, healing yourself regularly
and keep your wits about you.

One last thing about druid PVP.wow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide

Most people that play PVP with a druid will do very well
over time, but if you want to excel quickly in world of
warcraft PVP you will want to get a quality druid PVP guide
that will teach you not only the best druid play but also
how to dominate in PVP no mater what class you are playing.

 Druid PVP Guide







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