Dugi’s WOW Dungeon Maps Guide Review

wow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide

Reviewer: Zack Baywood


Website Reviewed: Dugi’s WOW Dungeon Maps Guide

Dungeon Guide  Click here to check out Dugi’s WOW Dungeon Maps Guide

Dugi has done it again, he has put together the one thing
that was missing from all other guides before. A set of
guides specifically about WOW dungeon maps.

The missing piece to the world of warcraft puzzle.

Using Dugi’s 1-80 Horde / Alliance WOW Dungeon Maps guides
you will make more gold, you will gain more experience per
hour and power level faster than with any other guide available.

It’s a complete WOW dungeon maps questing guide covering
level 1 right through level 80. With highly detailed dungeons
maps of classic dungeons and The Burning Crusade WOW dungeon
maps included.

It is compatible with any level character, no matter what
race or class combination you may be playing.

Step-by-step instructions leading you through even the most
difficult dungeons situations quicker and easier than you
will believe. This is NOT just a bunch of boring instructions
of where to go and what to do.

The Horde / Alliance WOW Dungeon maps leveling guide is a 100%
in-game on-screen guide separated for different phases of the game.

At first you will be guided through levels 1-16 with a normal
questing path to get you started off quickly. Then at level 16
the guide is separated and specialized to each individual WOW
dungeon maps questing path. These guides not only guide you
through all the dungeons of world of warcraft, but it guides
you through all the pre-requisite quests for each dungeon.

You will quest with the utmost efficiency, leaving nothing undone.

Each of these WOW dungeon maps include not only the correct
directions but also hints and locations of quest destinations
and boss locations. All WOW dungeon maps work on there own or
directly in conjunction with the new Dugi’s Guide v4.1 for
instant access.

Nothing to slow you down!

The Dugi’s WOW dungeon maps guide has an automatic quest history
tracking system to keep tracked of completed quests so it won’t
try to make you do them over again. The WOW dungeon maps guide
also keeps track of your every step like a G.P.S.

It knows when you go into a new zone, accept a new quest,
complete a quest, turn in a quest even if you decide to drop a quest.

It even knows when you pick up an item and when you drop it.

If you choose to not take a quest, no problem. With the WOW dungeon
maps guides easy quest skipping feature you can skip any
non-essential quest at any time during play and the guide will
continue to work without a hitch.

   Click here to check out Dugi’s WOW Dungeon Maps Guide          

Dugis full set  



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