Hunter PVP Guide

Many WOW players shutter at the thought of using a hunter for PVPwow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide
(Player Versus Player) but this is a simple misunderstanding.

The world of warcraft hunter although not adept to melee combat,
can be very effective in PVP play. Keep in mind that the world of
warcraft hunter can deal tremendous D.P.S. or Damage Per Second,
and you don’t want to let a talent like that to go to waste.

Hunter PVP Guide

In PVP the world of warcraft hunter is a great asset to any group.
I find that the world of warcraft hunter when in PVP should be
played pretty much the same way as you would play it while
questing in PVE (Player Versus Environment) except with different
gear and spec’s. A good quality hunter PVP guide will have all the
details on how to gear-up and spec your WOW hunter specifically
for playing in PVP.

Most world of warcraft players that play mostly in PVP play are
using a quality hunter PVP guide for this reason and to keep on
top of their game. Just like when you are using a hunter when
questing in world of warcraft PVE, you will find that their
Freezing and Frost Traps are very useful.

Also their crowd control skills are just as effective in PVP as
they are when questing in PVE. As a world of warcraft hunter you
will have to adapt to different situations quicker when playing
in PVP than when you are questing due to the fact that you are
dealing with actual people and not a computer generated group of foes.

Hunter PVP Guide

Just the same as in PVE as a hunter you must keep your distance
from your enemies. Stay as far away as you can then use your
hunter skills. Start off using Steady Shot, Arcane Shot and Auto
Shot to inflict your first burst of damage.

You can simply continue to use these attacks if you choose to but
I recommend that you kick it up and move on to Scattershot and
don’t forget to use your Freezing Traps, Intimidation and Wing Clip.

Now that you have mowed down some of the lesser enemies you shouldwow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide
pay more attention to the fact that you are part of a group. Let
the paladin’s, druid’s,rogue’s and warrior’s handle the melee
character’s and let the mage’s, shaman’s, priest’s and warlock’s
handle the wide spread damage dealing and healing.

At this point as a hunter you should see who on your team might be
struggling and help them from a distance. Keep a close eye on your
groups healer’s and protect them untill the fight is over.

 Hunter PVP Guide




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