Mage PVP Guide

The WOW mage in PVP is not all that complicated to play butwow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide
you have to know what and what not to do and when to do it.

If you have been playing your mage for a while in PVE
(regular Player Versus Environment play) you may need to
change your playing strategy. In world of warcraft PVP play
the mage generally does better as a Frost mage. Using a
Frost speced mage will help your whole group as it will not
only do good damage but will help to slow down your enemies
making them easier for your group to defeat.

Mage PVP Guide


Depending on how your group is set up will effect how you
will play your mage. If you are the only mage and you have
several melee fighters, you may want to concentrate on you
enemies healers so that your melee fighter will have a easier
time defeating their targets.

If you have a few mage’s on your team you may want to target
your enemies melee fighters to the point where their healer
can’t keep up so your melee fighter can rip through the
enemies forces. This situation can change very quickly so be
prepared to change your targeting strategy at all times.

Mage PVP Guide


If you don’t have much experiance playing a mage in PVP I
recommend getting a complete PVP guide so you don’t spend
endless hours struggling through battles and using the wrong
specs, wasting talent points along the way.

The world of warcraft mage has to ready for any type of
opponent more than any other class. The mage can’t afford to
waste any efforts towards its opponents due to misreading what
they are about to do.

The mage has to conserve mana at all times, so attacking a foe
inefficiently simply is not an option. Remember that a mage
without mana is pretty much useless,so you must learn to play
your WOW mage correctly in PVP if you want to be successful.

If you spec your PVP mage correctly it will greatly increase
your mages survivability in PVP. A Frost mage will generaly
do better in PVP due to its spells like Ice Black and Frost
Nova. Also the Frost mage can withstand much more damage that
any other spec.

If you are looking for more detailed information about mage PVP, wow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide
I recommend getting a quality mage PVP guide to help you excel in PVP.

 Mage PVP Guide





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