Monk PVP Guide


As of now, not much is known about the monk or how it will perform in PVP
play but we do have some insight into what kind of fighting methods it will
primarily be using.

Going by this information I think I have a good idea of how the monk will
play in PVP.

The monk will only be able to use cloth or leather armor like a druid or
rogue and will be fighting using staves, polearms, fist weapons and one handed
weapons like axes, maces and swords.

Besides its use of weapons, the monk is expected to be very effective using
just its bare hands and feet. Many of their abilities make the use of weapons
more of a bonus than a necessity.

Rumor has it that there will be some new hand and feet weapons that will be of
use to monks and posibly rogues but they are still a mystery at this time.

It seems that the monk will be a high D.P.S. hand-to-hand fighter using all of
it’s body as both weapon and shield as it will not be able to use shields.

Most of the monks abilities involve melee fighting and short range attacks,
usualy no farther than 40 or so yards.

Although the monk is expected to work well as a tank, I don’t think it will tank
well in PVP as it is under armored and shield-less. The opposing team would likely
out tank the monk in PVP but in normal play the monk should tank quite well.

Being that the monk is also a healer, you might want to alternate between melee
D.P.S. fighting and healer until you get a good feel for the class providing your
team has a good balance of melee fighters and healer’s.

If you are familiar with playing PVP with a paladin, I would play a monk the same
way and adapt your strategy as you go as the paladin seems to be the closest class
to the monk as far as skills are concerned.

More information to come!