Paladin PVP Guide

On the surface, the paladin may look like the ultimate PVPwow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide
class. Just think about it. The paladin can be played as a
great tank and it has healing, what more could you ask for
when playing in PVP. Well just let me start off by saying
“Yes” the paladin is a very good class to play in PVP.

But if you are not aware of its shortcommings, you are
setting yourself up for a disaster.

Paladin PVP Guide

As a quality paladin PVP guide will tell you, the paladin
has two major dificulties when playing in PVP. First of all,
the paladin will need alot of mana while fighting in PVP
and the paladin does not have the mana reserves needed for
sustained fighting like a priest or mage. If the paladin
runs out of mana it is pretty much doomed to falure.

A second major hurdle for the paladin is that it has no long
range DPS skills. A paladin will have a hard time fighting
against an evenly matched mage,priest or hunter simply
because it will have a very tough time just trying to get
close to them. Any mage,priest or hunter worth their weight
in salt knows that if you can stay away from a paladin and
attack it from afar you will in time be able to defeat it.

Paladin PVP Guide

This disadvantage does not mean that the paladin can only
fight melee and thats it. When not in melee battle the paladin
should transform into a healer to help the rest of the group
untill the need to return to melee fighting comes up again.

The paladins judgement’s should be utilized fully when in PVP.
The WOW paladin may judge with Justice to stop its enemy
escaping, judge with Wisdom to share mana or judge with Light
to revive a fallen tank.

The WOW paladin has some nice defensive aura’s that work great
but you must learn how to use them properly. I like to use
Blessing of Protection quite offten but since it only protects
against physical damage it is wasted when used against a mage,
priest or warlock.

Paladin PVP Guide

Divine Protection/Shield is beneficial in two ways. For general
use it will damage enemies that come into contact with it and
gives the paladin some time to flee from trouble in order to
heal or regain mana. Lay on Hands is used mostly as a last
resort to restore the paladin after a tough battle.

These basics should get you playing pretty well with a paladinwow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide
in WOW PVP, but if you really want to pursue PVP you will
need to get all the best information about PVP play.
Check into a quality paladin PVP guide for more detail’s.






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