Priest PVP Guide

Many WOW players may tell you that the priest is a verywow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide
poor choice to play in PVP but that is completly false.

Yes the priest has no armor and a low level of heath but
it all depends on how you play the world of warcraft
priest class that will determine how effective it will be.
Priest PVP Guide


The number one key factor for a priest in PVP play is
simply keeping yourself alive. I understand that that
sounds kinda silly, but it is all too true and here is
why. The priest is a primary healer in WOW, with ton’s of
different heal’s at its disposal and plenty of mana
available to use these heal’s.

I like to split my time into two basic categories.

I spend 60% of my time maintaining and monitoring my
health and 40% of the time casting damage dealing spells,
alternating between the two frequently. A quality priest
PVP guide will give you more details on these strategies
and ways to do them.

Each different type of priest will need to be played in
a very different way.

Priest PVP Guide

If you are speced as a Holy or Discipline priest, your
ability to heal and provide great buff’s and debuff’s
will be of great value to any group. On the other hand if
you are speced out as a Shadow priest, you will
specialize more in using your priest as a DPS dealer and
a healer second.

The effectiveness of the WOW priest inPVP is varied greatly
by the class’s of their enemies.
The priest can provide excelent crowd control as well as
dispeling enemies spells and even deal Damage Over Time
spells otherwise known as DOT’s.

Priest PVP Guide

Being an exceptional healer, the priest is very good at
protecting the flag carrier in PVP. If you have more than
one priest in your group it might be a good idea for one
of you to concentrate your efforts on protecting the flag
carrier, but I don’t recommend using a priest to be the
flag carrier because they are just too slow.

Unfortunatly the inexperianced priest can be easily
defeated by certain other classes if the other player
knows the proper strategies on how the beat a priest.

If you are playing a priest in PVP you can really have
lots of fun any compete against any class if you practice
and learn the weaknesses of the other classes when played
in PVP.

A detailed priest PVP guide will give you all the information wow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide
you could need to dominate with your priest in WOW PVP.


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