PVP Bible Guide Review


Reviewer: Zack Baywood

Rating: 5 stars

Website Reviewed:  PVP Bible Guide 

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There’s a guy out there who is making a killing in the
arenas with an over 2300 rating.

Apparently, he was in the top 10 arena team rating in
the 3v3 bracket of his battlegroup. He has now put
together a guide that tells you how to be a superior
player in any form of PvP including duels,
battlegrounds and arenas.

I’ve always wanted to get to full Season 4 gear, so I ordered it this morning.
I have to admit, there’s a hell of a lot he’s given away…

– 81 Specific Dual Matchups Strategies to ensure Dualing Domination

– 50 + Strategies Specifically for Arena play

– No Hacks, no cheats, no exploits, nothing that could put your account at risk

– Specific PVP information for each character class

– All 4 Battlegrounds are covered with several strategies customized for all four

– World PvP Objectives from A to Z

This guide if jam packed with all kinds of PVP content that
is new and relevant without the fluff.

In fact, I applied just *one* of the tactics in the guide
right away – and based on that alone, I expect warlocks to
be an easy prey from now on.

In this guide you will learn how to completely re-model your
PvP gaming strategy and begin conquering in arenas, duels
and battlegrounds.

This incredible guide is called the PvP Bible, put together
by a guy that likes to call himself “T Dub”.

“T Dub” AKA Tony S. Sanders is a true World of warcraft
master who is very well known and respected in the World of
warcraft community.

I’ve seen plenty of his World of Warcraft training material
and he has a unique insight on how to dominate in all area’s of WOW.


If you’re in a hurry, just go ahead and take a look now…  The PVP Bible

The PvP Bible is a encyclopedia of information about PvP
and covers all possible aspects of PVP, covering all the
basics, then going into dual strategies, world PVP, class
talent specs, arena strategies, gear specs, macros,
battlegrounds, strengths and weaknesses, keybinds, and
much, much more.

Theres nothing left out, Tony has got all the bases covered
and manages to touch upon all aspects of PVP With great
detail that is unrivaled by anything else I have ever seen.

You won’t find all kinds of fluff and fill in this guide.
It’s full of nothing but valuable content with over 50,000
words of original material.

This guide contains more than 50 strategies for the arena,
81 strategies for dualing, tons of hints and helpful tactics
for the battlegrounds and world goals.

There has never been a guide like this before. It’s the most
complete collection of PVP strategies and information I have
ever come across.



The PVP Bible Guide


“T Dub” has put together such a “in tune” and up to date guide,
that it even has previews about the up and comming 3.0 changes
in World of Warcraft.

He is always updating the guide to keep up with any and all
changes so you can be sure that this guide will be as valuable
to you in the future as it is right now.

I could go on and on about how well this guide is put
together but the guide speaks for itself.

The PvP Bible comes with a 100% 60 day money back guarantee
so you have nothing to lose, but I assure you that once you
review the information that “T dub” has revealed in this
guide the thought of sending it back won’t even cross your mind.


Guide Selection

When purchasing a WOW instructional book take all questions
you’ve ever had regarding World of Warcraft into consideration.

There are quite a few different guide’s to pick from, some are
more general than others and some might simply be weak in a
topic of importance to you.

Certainly buying a reputable WOW guide will greatly help you
in your gaming abilities but all WOW guides are not the same.

Every book you will find on this site comes with a risk free
money back guarantee so you can buy with confidence knowing
that if the book you buy is not quite what you were looking
for you can get a full refund.

Please take your time checking out all the guides on this
site and be sure to bookmark us as we are always working to
expand this site to handle your World of Warcraft training needs.

We will soon be adding some pages of totally free hints and tips
for WOW so check back here and there to learn more.

Thanks and happy gaming.


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