Rogue PVP Guide

If you have been playing world of warcraft for a while wow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide
you are probably familiar with the versatility and
strong DPS dealing of the rogue.

The rogue is argualbly the most effective melee class in
WOW PVP. I say that because although the rogue can deal
major DPS and is very capable of defeating any of the other
classes, it can be very complicated to master PVP without a
quality rogue PVP guide.


Rogue PVP Guide


The world of warcraft rogue can guide itself into battle
and do massive DPS but it doesn’t happen with just one
click of a mouse. Nearly all of the rogues skills
including lockpicking, stealthing, poisons and melee
fighting involve multiple maneuvers to get the desired

Most of the rogues higher DPS attacks require lots of
practice before you are able to execute them without a
hitch whenever they are necessary. There is probably no
world of warcraft class that benefits more from having a
quality PVP guide than the rogue due to its shear complexity.

With a rogue PVP guide you will save hours upon hours of
time as it will teach you how the rogue can start matches
using stealth and soon after move on to stun’s, and then
lead up to a devastating finishing move to finish off your foe.

Rogue PVP Guide

The rogue specializes in what I call burst attacks. These
attacks are quick and do very high DPS, the reason the
rogue can do these attacks is because it pools its energy.

As a rogue you don’t want to bother with small and light
attacks, pool up your energy and then thrash out with a
strong DPS attack. You will in time get used to watching
your energy level without even thinking about it but in
the begining, make sure you pay close attention to your
energy level and don’t let it get bellow 25 so you can
still use a interrupt kick.

Rogue PVP Guide

Once a rogue has developed its skills to a high enough
level, they will be able to dominate their foe’s in what
is called a Stunlock. This Stunlock puts their opponent in
a no win situation where the well played rogue will have
pretty much full control of the whole situation and will
defeat its opponent with ease.

 Because there are so many combinations that you may havewow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide
to deal with most world of warcraft PVP players use a
quality PVP guide so they arent pulling their hair out in
frustration, check out the PVP Bible.





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