Shaman PVP Guide

You might have heard me mention how versitile the world ofwow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide
warcraft shaman class is. In WOW the shaman uses totem’s
as their primary tool’s to defeat their enemies.

In normal world of warcraft PVE ( Player Versus Environment)
quest play, the average shaman will use just a hand full of their
available totem’s to handle most all of the situation’s that
they come accross. In world of warcraft PVP the shamans
strategy is completely different.

There are too many combinations for me to go over here,
I recommend that you get a quality shaman PVP guide such
as the PVP Bible for all the detail’s of how to use all
of the shamans totems so you can dominate the arena in PVP.

Shaman PVP Guide

The best shaman PVP strategies use a combination of healing
totem’s, offensive totem’s and defensive totem’s. The big
challenge to the shaman is knowing which combination works
best for the present situation.

You will find all this information and more in a quality
shaman PVP guide like the PVP Bible. With over 30 different
totems available in the shamans arsenal, it’s easy to
understand why most world of warcraft players using a shaman
use a shaman PVP guide to help make heads or tails of all
the shamans totem’s and skill’s.

Shaman PVP Guide

The skilled shaman is very effective against all classes in
PVP, once you know how to handle each of them. I usually play
PVP as a Elemental shaman so I can concentrate on DPS but
many world of warcraft players also play more as a healer
with a Resto shaman.

Either way you will be able to do many things in PVP.

As a Resto shaman you will help guide your group mostly as a
healer, this is most useful for larger groups that might need
more healing than one or two priest’s can handle.

If you play with a smaller group and have plenty of other
healer’s you will want to go Elemental shaman so you can play
offensively and deal DPS.

This may all sound a little overwheming but with a quality
shaman PVP guide to help you along you will learn exactly
when to cast that Grounding totem, to disrupt enemy attack’s
or use Earthshock to interupt enemy attack’s.

When used effectively the shamans totems can keep rogue’s out
of combat, slow down hunter attacks and even dispell a
warriors Intercept just to name a few thing’s. With a quality wow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide
shaman PVP guide you will find PVP to be much more fun to play
and you will advance much quicker.

 Shaman PVP Guide





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