World of Warcraft Beginners Guide

wow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide

World of Warcraft Beginners Guide.

World of Warcraft Beginners Guide. Just in case you are too new
to know what a newbie is , it is simply someone who is a new comer
whether it is to World of Warcraft or anything else.If you are a
newbie then welcome to the only World of Warcraft training site
you will ever need as a newbie or an experienced player.

Thats why I refer to it as the Superior World of Warcraft guide site.
If you’re new to World of Warcraft or WOW as we like to call it,you
might be getting very frustrated at how long it takes to level up or
how tedious it is to get gold and how many hours it can take to
accomplish what seems to be a very simple quest.

When you first enter the world of warcraft, you have little
more than a pointed stick, the shirt on your back and an
empty coin sack. There are a few key things that you want
to focus on to get yourself going. They may sound obvious
but I am going to say them anyway. Gold, equipment and leveling.

What exactly is World of Warcraft?

World Of Warcraft (WOW) is the largest and most popular fully
interactive Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game also
known as a MMORPG (cool huh) ever put out by Blizzard Entertainment.
(Not that I don’t hold Diablo,Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 plus all the
Warcrafts and starcrafts very dear to my heart).

But as the name states it truly is a virtual “World” living and
breathing inside the internet.

So now a quick breakdown of the World Of Warcraft,a world known
as Azeroth.

In the world of Azeroth there are NPC’s or Non Player Characters
which are controled by the game.And then there’s you and the
seemingly endless amount of other live online gamers that are
referred to as PC’s or Player Characters.These are the characters
in the game that the player (gamer) controls,guides and molds to
increase the characters capabilities (Strenght , Inteligence ,
Charisma etc.) along with the characters equiptment (Armor ,
Weapons , Provision’s etc.)

By gaining experience and gold the character becomes more powerfull
and able to use more advanced items.In order to aquire these items
you either have to find them which takes a lot of time and can get
a little tedious.Be given them by another player character but it’s
rare that a player wants to give away any item that would actually
be beneficial or helpfull to you.The third way is to buy the item
using Gold.



The first thing is easy but can be kind of boring to do and
that is getting gold. Most beginners simply grind to get gold
which is a good method but can take lots of time and can be a drag.

Grinding is finding a place where there are plenty of re-occurring
creatures that are preferably just slightly lower in level
than you are, making them easier to defeat. You simply defeat
the creatures then pick up what they drop and sell it for gold,
what could be easier. If you are going to grind for gold find a
good spot, don’t just stay in the first spot that you find.

This can waste allot of time and can be a real snore
if you know what I mean.


This part is not quite as simple as getting gold. It will take
lots of time to get some decent equipment unless you get some
outside help or befriend some more advanced players that might
share their stuff with you, but this doesn’t come that easily.

You will find the best stuff when questing, so take many
quest’s in order to get the reward’s that they will give you.

At first, do not take anything for granted. Every little thing
that you find should be carefully considered for even the
slightest advantage that you can get from it.


As a beginner to world of warcraft, the quicker that you can get
past the early levels, the easier thing will get. Questing is
the fastest way to get experience which is how you go up in levels.

Questing solo will reap the most rewards and let you level up
quicker but some classes are better at soloing than others.

When questing solo you will often do better if you are able to
engage in melee combat. Low level spell casting characters will
struggle much more than the melee type classes so they will want
to play in a group with some melee characters to help their
survivability factor. Once you have gotten strong enough then
you can go it on your own, give it a try after level 10 or so.


World of Warcraft Beginners Guide

It is not a cheat , it is not a hack (oh I hate that word) ,
it is not against the rules set forth by World of Warcraft (WOW).
It is a simple to follow guide or “blueprint” on how to get
past the wasted time of learning to overcome the obstacles of
learning the game from scratch.

Put yourself (and character) ahead of the game by learning in
a short time what would otherwise take you 6-8 possibly even
12 months of regular daily play to learn and understand.

If you think that you are too new to the game to actually learn
any advanced strategy or technique to be able to play with the
Big Boy players you are wrong.The Big time character players all
started where you are now , they are not special or privileged,
they just learned how to play better probably using a WOW
newbies guide just like this one.

And why shouldn’t you.

Being a newbie is far from a bad thing, it is actually the
greatest thing in the World of Warcraft.You have so much to see
and so much to experience . You are getting started in a whole
new world.

The World of Warcraft.

But don’t get frustrated like so many others and get upset that
you are paying a monthly fee and not being able to advance in
the game fast enough.You have to remember it is a virtual “World”.
But this world does not have to be very tough if you learn the
ways to play it the right way.

Oh and by the way for those of you that are a little more advanced
and don’t consider yourselves newbies there is still tons of great
info in this WOW newbies guide that you will absolutely need to
know to bring you to pro WOW player status.

Simply put , no matter what your expertise level in the World of
Warcraft is , there is much more for you to learn in order to play
well and enjoy the game to it’s fullest. Fortunately it is all
available at your disposal at ( ya i’ve said this before) the only
World of Warcraft strategy / training site you will ever need.

The Superior WOW guide site. The World of Warcraft Beginners Guide.

Just one last warcraft alliance horde leveling guide

Remember that there are dozens of different aspects of
the game that you will want to venture into.This site
will make sure that you will experience them to the fullest.

Thanks and happy gaming.


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wow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide