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Reviewer: Zack Baywood

Rating: 4&halfstars

Website Reviewed: The Warcraft Formula Guide

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I just got some great information about a guy named Brad Johnson,
currently the richest player in World of Warcraft, and author
of the fastest selling gold making guide online, Warcraft Millionaire.

Brad is one of the best known World of Warcraft gamers in the WOW community.

Considered to be a true master of the game.

Brad has trained more than 11,000 players with his top secret 
gold making methods and all of his student’s now rake in ton’s
of gold each day as a result…

Then it happened…

This World of Warcraft expert just happened to stumbled upon
fellow WoW genius, T Dub at the 2008 Blizzcon last October.

Don’t know who T Dub is?

T Dub is the driving force behind “Warcraft Formula”.

He’s the maverick underground PvPer who generates over 2210 arena
points in less than 38 days… and no, we’re not talking about using
any cheats, exploits, “win tradings”, nothing of that sort…

So, the two teamed up with T Dub suggesting they create a new system
that would teach players how to master everything they  needed to be a
pro in the game – from PvP to raiding to gold, to class strategies.
He even managed to twist Brad into giving  up his ultimate secrets.

They went above and beyond simply showing what they knew…They created
a guide that showed the world exactly how you can be  as good as them
and reach the very top.


Go check it out here: The Warcraft Formula

Sure, you’re wondering…but how can you get your hands
on this ultimate game changer…?

You’d better be fast is all I can say. This thing is
going to be selling fast…and I mean fast. Rumor has it
that Brad and T  Dub are keeping membership down to 100
members and who knows if they’ll open it up again after that.

Don’t waste more time. Get over to Warcraft Formula and
check out what Brad and T Dub are doing to turn the WoW
world upside down.

Just follow the actionable step-by-step blueprints…
and at ‘push-button’ speed you’ll be up and running.

So what are you waiting for…

If you want your share, then lock in your membership now…
before they’re gone… don’t say I didn’t warn you.

 The Warcraft Formula

 Guide Selection


When purchasing a World of Warcraft advancement book take
every question you have ever had concerning World of Warcraft
into consideration.

There are so many different book’s to pick from, some are more
general than others and some might simply be comming up short
in a area of importance to you.

Certainly getting a respectable World of Warcraft guide will
greatly assist you in your gaming abilities but all World of
Warcraft guides are not the same.

Every book you will find on this site comes with a 100% money
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Please take your time checking out all the guides on this site
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this site to handle your WOW training needs.

We are planning on putting up some pages of completely free
hints and tips for World of Warcraft so check in here and there
to learn more.

Thanks and happy gaming.

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