Warlock PVP Guide

I consider the world of warcraft warlock to be one ofwow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide
the more dominant classes in PVP simply because of
their ability to load up DOT damage on their foe until
they just up and die.

If you would ask around world of warcraft players to
find out which class they fear most in PVP, I would
bet that the warlock would definitely be in the top three.

Warlock PVP Guide

When played correctly the warlock can totally dominate
in PVP and using a quality warlock PVP guide will get
you to that level of play in record time. Aside from
their DOT’s, the warlock can also drain their opponents
mana rendering classes like the paladin or warrior
greatly weakened.

And classes like the mage or priest become almost useless.
On top of their mana draining ability, the warlock can
self heal giving them extra chances for a win if they
can’t defeat their enemy in one attack.

Warlock PVP Guide

The basic strategy of warlock PVP play is to position
yourself just out of melee range, load up your DOT’s and
spam fears all around. This basic technique will be the
base of your PVP play with many variances of this
technique depending on your situation.

Understanding when and how to change this technique is
the absolute key to the warlocks success or failure when
playing in PVP.

The untrained warlock in world of warcraft will
absolutely NOT do well in PVP play. Yes I said they will
NOT do well in PVP, the reason being that the warlock
needs to be played just right at all times.

The noob warlock will not know when and how to adapt in
PVP and in turn be easy to defeat. The properly trained
warlock will absolutely dominate in PVP because they know
the in’s and out’s of the class which will make them
virtually un-stopable.

A inexperianced world of warcraft warlock will be easy
pickings to other classes that know what they are doing
in PVP. For that reason alone, I highly recommend getting
a quality warlock PVP guide so you don’t go into PVP and
fall on your face in embarisment.

Warlock PVP Guide

The warlock is an excellent choice for PVP in the hands ofwow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide
a skilled world of warcraft player, so get yourself a good
warlock PVP guide and have a blast with the warlock class
in PVP. 





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