World of Warcraft Professions

In the world of warcraft there are several skill’s and
talent’s called profession’s that your characters can
use to make gold and alter items to increase there powers
or value.

To learn these profession’s you will have to talk to the
NPC trainers for your specific character class in the
various zone’s of the world of warcraft. When you first
talk to your trainer you will gain the basic ability of
performing each profession.

In order to increase the level of each profession, you
will have to talk to many trainers as you advance in
profession levels. This will make your ability with each
profession increase making it more profitable and more powerful.

Quick breakdown of the different types of professions.

Primary profession’s:
AlchemyAlchemy (Production)
Blacksmithing Blacksmithing (Production)
EnchantingEnchanting (Production)
EngineeringEngineering (Production)
HerbalismHerbalism (Gathering)
InscriptionInscription (Production)
JewelcraftingJewelcrafting (Production)
Leatherworking Leatherworking (Production)
MiningMining (Gathering)
SkinningSkinning (Gathering)
TailoringTailoring (Production)

Secondary profession’s:
First AidFirst Aid

Fishing Fishing

Class specific profession’s:
LockpickingRogue Lockpicking
RuneforgingDeath Knight Runeforging


Learning multiple professions will be essential in your
advancment through world of warcraft as different
professions are used for gathering material’s,crafting
item’s and modifying or changing of existing item’s.

 Each class in world of warcraft has different need’s
and will benefit more from certain profession’s than others.

 A Priest being limited only to cloth armor will benefit
little from the mining profession other than mining
for ore’s to be sold for gold.

 On the other hand the priest will make good use of
profession’s like alchemy for making potion’s and
enchanting for increasing the value of cloth type item’s.

 A warrior will not be interested in learning the inscription
profession as it will be of minimal use to the fighting
and battle oriented character.

 These profession’s should be complimented with other
profession’s that for obvious reasons work well together.


Profession Recommended Profession Alternate Profession Secondary Profession
Alchemy Herbalism Mining Fishing
Blacksmithing Mining Jewelcrafting N/A
Cooking N/A N/A Fishing
Enchanting Tailoring Leatherworking N/A
Engineering Mining N/A N/A
Inscription Herbalism N/A N/A
Jewelcrafting Mining Blacksmithing N/A
Leatherworking Skinning Enchanting N/A
Tailoring Enchanting Skinning N/A


 Depending on which class you have chosen, you may be able
to choose a race that has a natural ability which helps
them perform certain profession’s better than other race’s.

 If you are just starting a new character, be sure to take
these advantages into consideration as they will be a big
help especially for the first 20 levels or so.



Gnome → +15 Engineering

Tauren → +15 Herbalism

Draenei → +5 Jewelcrafting

Blood Elf → +10 Enchanting

Worgen → +15 Skinning

Goblin → +15 Alchemy