WOW Archaeology Leveling Guide


The long awaited Archaeology profession has arrived with the new
Cataclysm expansion for world of warcraft. This new profession
is just like it sounds, it allows you to become a Archaeologist
in the world of warcraft. With this new (secondary) profession Warcraftmanship
you will explore the newly re-formed world of warcraft that has
unearthed tons of previously buried artifacts and treasures.
Archaeology is considered to be a casual profession which is
similar to other gathering professions but with a twist.
With Archaeology you will be spending time excavating overturned
areas of the world of warcraft to find ancient runes and artifacts
and even epics that you will save to study at a latter time. These
items could be of value all by themselves or may be pieced together
with other lost items to become something much more. Studying
these found items is like a game within the game as you will be
identifying and classifying these items to determine there value
and uses.You will not only find lost items but you will be able to
read ancient runes that will help answer the mysteries of world of
warcrafts’ hystory.

The Archaeology profession trainers for the alliance are Diya of
Exodar, Harrison Jones of Stormwind, Doktor Professor Ironpants of
Ironforge and Hammon The Jaded found in Damassus.

For the horde we have Belloc Brightblade of Orgrimmar-Grommash Hold,
Adam Hossack in Undercity and Elynara.

When you train for Archaeology you will learn the Survey ability
which will allow you to excavate at 4 different “Dig Sites” in your
present zone according to your level. These “Dig Sites” can be
searched 3 times only at which time they will disappear and a new
site will spawn which can also be searched 3 times and so on.

Dig Sites

In order to search a digg site you will need to use your Survey
ability. When you use the Survey ability the Survey Tool will appear
close to where you will find a artifact. Move to where the Survey
Tool is pointing and use your Survey ability again, keep doing this
until you have pinpointed the artifact that the Survey Tool had
indicated and there you go. Keep an eye on the light on top of the
Survey Tool indicator as it will change colors as you get closer to
the artifact, red means that you are far away, yellow means you are
getting closer, green means that you are very close and when the
green light starts blinking you are pretty much right on top of it.

“After you get the artifact use the Survey Tool again because
sometimes a new artifact can appear in the same spot.”

Most of these items that you will find are referred to as fragments.
When you find one of these fragments you will start a research
project to help you put these fragments together to form the full
original artifact. There will be anywhere from 25 to 150 fragment
pieces that will be needed to complete thet original artifact.
Once enough of these fragments have been collected you will press
the Solve button to assemble the artifact. In some cases you will
have an excess of fragments which you will be able to use towards
the assembling of your next artifact. You never know what type ofWarcraftmanship
artifact you will come up with and what benefit it might hold which
will keep the Archaeology profession interesting and fun as you work
your way through world of warcraft.

A general strategy for leveling your Archaeology profession is to
continue to Survey world of warcraft Dig sites indicated by the
picture of a shovel on your map and collect fragments untill your
have acquired 100 skill points. You will find getting to level 75
not too difficult, but after level 75 is reached leveling will
become much slower. Once you reach level 100 skill points you
should start Solving your artifacts as you will get 5 skill points
for each artifact of any race that you solve. Using the right addons
will speed up your Archaeology profession leveling dramatically, but
at normal speed you should be able to get up to level 525 in 35-45
hours of gameplay.

Archaeology in world of warcraft should prove to be a very fun and
interesting secondary profession so try it out.


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