WOW Fishing Leveling Guide


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In World of Warcraft, the fishing profession is probably the
most unique. Fishing in the World of Warcraft is much like
fishing in real life.

Fishing is usually a solo activity where you find a nice
spot by a pond,stream,lake or even an ocean, sit back and
enjoy the peace and quiet. Don’t get me wrong, fishing in
World of Warcraft isn’t easy.

Fishing is all about good equipment , good bait and good
timing mixed with a little luck.

Once you cast out your line you have to be patient and keep
a close eye on your fishing bobber.When you see it dip is when
you are getting a bite. Right click when you see it dip and
you can catch what ever is hooked to your line.It takes some
practice but you’ll get the hang of it after a while.

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But lets not get ahead of our selves.

First of all you will have to find a fishing trainer.
Just look for a NPC hanging around a body of water.
They will usually be either a fishing trainer or a
trade merchant. We will need to talk to both.

Talk to the fishing trainer to learn the fishing skill
and again latter on to advance your fishing skill’s to
Journeyman, Expert and then Artisan.

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Next you need to get a fishing pole. If you have already
found one you can just start off using it. But you will want
to get better quality pole’s as you go up in levels.

Check out better pole’s and bait by talking to a trade merchant
hanging out by some water.
Fishing is probably the slowest profession to level so if you
don’t want to spend ton’s of time on leveling it I recommend
getting the Warcraftmanship guide to greatly speed thing up.

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Besides fish,eel’s,squid and other health boosting edibles,
you can also catch lots of useful and even valuable item’s
when fishing so keep reading to learn more about mastering
the fishing profession.
It is well worth learning fishing as a secondary skill.
So check out the Warcraftmanship guide to level up your
fishing skill fast and correctly.


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This guide is specifically about World of Warcraft profession’s
and how to max them out in record time.
So you think you know enough about the different profession’s
of World of Warcraft, well keep reading and prepare to be
amazed about how important and valuable WOW profession’s really are.

I find that most gamers see leveling their profession’s and
choosing the most effective profession’s as a secondary or
lesser important pursuit than the leveling of their character
and getting gold.In fact, choosing the correct profession’s
for your character class and leveling your profession’s is
one of the best way’s to make ton’s of gold fast, and is far
less tedious than farming or grinding.

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The Warcraftmanship guide will teach you what profession’s
work best for each character class and how to best use them
to help you level your character and make crazy gold doing it.

This is not a bunch of theory or idea’s.

The Warcraftmanship guide is 398 pages of high quality content
put together as a step by step, fool proof system to level
a profession in as little as one day.

No matter what class you are, this guide will show you how to
best use your profession’s to make huge amounts of  gold
and make playing World of Warcraft so much more fun.

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You may already know that there are certain routes in WorldWarcraftmanship2
of Warcraft that are better than other’s to power level
your character.

Well the same applies when leveling your profession’s.

Waisting time in World of Warcraft is not only time waisted
but it is money waisted. Warcraftmanship will cut your
profession’s leveling time by more than half. Guaranteed!

You will learn how to get all the thing’s that you will need
for your profession’s at the cheapest prices and then sell your
final product’s for the maximum gold possible.

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You will also have a complete list of World of Warcraft in-game
trainer’s covering all the profession’s so you will master them with ease.

Now you will know where all the herb’s, gem’s, ore’s, leather’s,
etc. are for all of your profession needs.

Do yourself a favor and check this guide out. It has a 100%
money back guarantee so you’ve got nothing to lose.

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