WOW Death Knight Leveling Guide| Death Knight Quest Guide

The Death Knight

 wow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide


The Death Knight is the first of hopefully many Hero class characters
in the World of Warcraft.

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In this World of Warcraft Death Knight strategy guide you will learn the
way’s of the Death Knight and how to best play this awesome character class.

If you have been playing World of Warcraft even for a short time you are
probably familiar with the Death Knight. What you might not know is just
how cool the Death Knight is and just how well rounded this now playable
character really is.

First of all if your are new to the game World of Warcraft you will have
to start off playing with a different character class as you must have at
least one level 55 or higher character in any realm before you can create
a Death Knight which start out at level 55.

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That being said lets get back to the Death Knight.
The WOW Death Knight leveling guide will show you just how to play
the new Death Knight character like a pro.

So what exactly is a Hero class character?

Well, the new Hero class requires a certain degree of expertise
of play in the World of Warcraft.The Death Knight has such a large
blend of skill’s and talent’s that are the same as or similar to
many other classes that only a player experienced in many character
classes would be able to play it effectively.


Also the Death Knight has self healing abilities, free mount’s and
weapon enchants and can return to the Ebon Hold at will.

The Death Knight levels up very fast compared to other classes so
getting  to the highest level is a piece of cake with the right guidance.

Over all the Death Knight is a very cool character and the whole
World of Warcraft community is very excited about having this new
Hero class to play.

Formerly the servant’s of the lich King, the Death Knight’s have the
knowledge of the forbidden magic used by them while under the control
of the lich King.

While the Death Knight is unable to use shield’s or Range weapon’s
they can use all type’s of armor and most weapon’s. The Death Knight
uses a rune system that requires cool downs but still gives them
almost endless power.

More detail’s available in the WOW Death Knight guide.



The Death Knight can be played using all classes, even the Worgen
and Goblin races that came available with the Cataclysm expansion.
Each Class brings its’ unique traits to the Death Knight.



Race Strength Agility Stamina Intellect Spirit Armor Health** New Health
Draene WotLK 109 70 99 29 44 140 2169 2939
Dwarf WotLK 113 69 100 28 41 138 2179 2979
Gnome WotLK 103 75 99 33 42 159 2169 2939
Human WotLK 108 73 99 29 43 146 2169 2949
Night Elf WotLK 104 77 99 29 42 154 2169 2939
Worgen Cataclysm 111 75 99 25 41 0 2169 2949
Blood Elf WotLK 105 75 99 32 40 150 2169 2929
Undead WotLK 107 71 99 27 47 142 2169 2959
Goblin Cataclysm 105 75 99 32 40 0 2169 2949
Orc WotLK 111 70 100 26 44 140 2179 2969
Tauren WotLK 113 69 100 25 44 138 2246 3117
Troll WotLK 109 75 99 25 43 150 2169 2959



Being a fantastic character class for tanking, the Death Knight really
has no need to play in a group what so ever. If your playing for fun
and camaraderie then go ahead and do some group play, but if you have
reached the level in which you are playing a Death Knight then you are
obviously an experienced player and probably know that soloing is muchwow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide
more rewarding than group play.

The Death knight can tank through any mob with the best of them so if
your a serious world of warcraft gamer,play your Death Knight solo and
only team up to help other players.

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