WOW Druid Leveling Guide | Druid Quest Guide

The Druid3wow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide

“Druids” the master shape shifters and guardians of the
World of Azeroth in World of Warcraft.With the defeat of
Archimonde , the Druids awoke after hundreds of years of
hibernation to find the world that they have sworn to
protect torn asunder.

The Druids being one with the world and all that is in touch
with it were the perfect healers to remain out of hibernation
and bring peace and order back to the world of Azeroth.


The Druids healing and damaging type spell casting is truly
an essential part of any questing party.A Druids ” HOTs ” or
Heals Over Time spells are spells that can heal ones self
or heal ones surrounding group or party.

On the flip side Druids also have spells that will cause
damage to surrounding enemies.

Aside from being skilled spell casters Druids have the
incredible ability to shape shift , utilizing the
strength of a bear or the stealth of a cat or the
speed of a cheetah or the swimming grace of a seal
and more.These shape shifting abilities are the Druids
Feral combat abilities.

The Druid starts out with both great benefits and great
hardships for the first 20 levels or so.

The Druids healing capabilities are excellent right from
the get go but their offencive and defensive abilities take
some time to reach fruition.

Fortunately the life of the Druid gets easier when level 20
is reached. At level 20 the Druid receives the cat form ability
which soon helps to neutralize the Druids offensive and
defensive weaknesses.

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A great advantage of a playing a Druid in world of warcraft is
that you can change your build whenever you want to and turn your
tank into a healer or vice-versa in a snap.

Although you will not get bored easily with any build, this
versatility is an absolute plus over any other character wow class.

Even if you are playing as a DPS Druid in wow you can change forms
in a second for healing or resurrecting of an ally with your combat
rez while on a quest.

This Druid ability is an advantage for leveling but it also limits
the Druid when it comes to specialization. The Druid will not
become as strong as a Warrior when it comes to tanking and will
not have the healing strengths as a Priest.

When choosing your professions as a druid you should take in to
consideration Herbalism along with Alchemy as these two skills
work very well together for the Druid class.

I highly recommend first aid to be your first secondary skill you
should learn and finally cooking. Although the other professions are
all very useful they generally will not benifit the Druid as much as
Herbalism and Alchemy.

As mentioned before at level 20 the Druid receives the cat form
ability which is really the break free point for the Druid as they
will obtain a great increase in kill speed, damage over time,burst
attacks and DPS (damage per second) capabilities.

The Druid acquires Bear form at level 10 and Aquatic form at level
16 but cat form at level 20 is when the Druid really starts to excel
and even leveling becomes easier.                                             

While in normal form the Druid is able to cast offensive or damaging
spells such as Wrath ,Moonfire , Starfire and controlling spells
such as Entangling Roots, Soothe Animal and more.

Truly a formidable character at all levels.

Race Selection

The night elf is very stealthy with an increase to dodge which
makes it very effective at getting out of melee combat when the
fighting gets a little too rough.

Night elves are also very prone to sneaking around using the Prowl
spell making them effective scouts.

If tanking is more your style then check out the tauren which get
a 5% bonus to total health making them much better as a Druid tank.

The tauren Druid also has War Stomp that when used correctly can
very effectively stun the Druids foes making them far easier to defeat.


Race Strength Agility Stamina Intellect Spirit Armor Health Mana
   Night elf 17 24 20 22 22 48 54 100
              Worgen Cataclysm 24 22 20 18 21 61 54 68
 Tauren 26 16 21 18 24 32 65 68
         Troll Cataclysm 22 22 21 18 23 24 54 68




With the addition of the Cataclysm expansion pack the Druid is no
longer limited to being either a Night elf or a Tauren. Not only
can a Druid be one of the new races (Worgen) but the troll race
is now available to play as a Druid as well.


The Druid is one of the few character classes that in my opinion
is pretty much equal when it comes to solo or group play. The wow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide
Druid is a very capable solo character but at the same time the
Druid is very beneficial to any group.

With its shape shifting abilities it can adapt for speed, agility,
strength and toughness. These abilities allow the Druid to be very
offensive or defensive depending on the individual circumstances.

As a Druid I encourage you to play solo most of the time, but go
ahead and team up with a group, if for no other reason than to enjoy
the online multiplayer experience.



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