WOW Hunter Leveling Guide| Hunter Quest Guide

The Hunterwow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide

Hunters in the world of warcraft are not exactly what
you might think. They not only hunt but they also Tame ,
Track and share a special bond with each type and
individual creature. This very special bond enables the
hunter to take on certain traits and abilities of a
given creature.

For example when a hunter has tamed a bear and has it
accompany him in his travels he will become stronger
and take less damage where as if he is accompanied by a
cheetah the hunter will become more stealthy , being
able to move faster but will take more damage than normal.

Hunter’s are a very valuable character to have but are
best played quite different than any other kind of character.

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As far as recommended professions for the Hunter I find
that leatherworking is the primary skill that you will
want to master providing armor for yourself and to sell
for gold.You’ll want to learn skinning as well to provide
the materials you will need for leatherworking.

Exactly when you choose to excel at leatherworking is entirely
up to you. Some players decide to take on other professions
early on and then as they get to higher levels change there
orientation to the leatherworking profession. The main reason
for this is leatherworking can be rather expensive at the
lower levels. Consider Herbalism or mining early on for a good
supply of materials to sell for gold.


In my opinion most players put too much emphasis on the
marksmanship ability and not nearly enough on the survival
ability and certainly not enough on the beast mastery ability.

I find that the best Hunters maintain an even balance of all
three abilities or sometimes favor beast mastery  a little
more than the other two.


By focusing a little more on beast mastery the average
hunter will become a much more capable solo player
being able to fight multiple foe’s more effectively.

By becoming better at beast mastery a Hunter will be able
to level up much faster than if they favor marksmanship
or survival.

I am not putting down marksmanship or survival.

They are important abilities to learn but as far as speed
of leveling is concerned beast mastery is the way to go.

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While a hunter has very limited hand to hand melee abilities,
their long range weapon abilities are absolutely extraordinary.
Hunter’s are kind of the loners of World of Warcraft.

They would rather be with their weapon’s and pet’s anything else.

The hunters’ defensive abilities are moderate at first due
to they are limited to only leather armor until they reach
level 40.

But put a bow or firearm in there hands and their long range
offensivequalities , trapping and animal control abilities
certainly make up for any weakness in their defense.

  Race Selection

When playing a Hunter race selection is very important, as which
race you choose will determine how you will have to play your character.

Both Alliance and Horde races are very adept to being a Hunter.

The Alliance races to choose from are dwarf, night elf or if you have
the Burning Crusade expansion, draenei. I personally prefer dwarves as
Alliance hunters because of their Gun specialization and Stoneform spell
but that certainly doe’s not mean dwarves are the only good Hunters.

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Naturally stealth is beneficial when playing a Hunter so the night elf
is a great choice due to Prowl and Shadowmeld abilities. Many players
consider the night elf to be the best choice for an Alliance Hunter.

Depending on your nature of play the draenei can be a excellent Hunter
with it’s Heroic Presence ability helping the Hunters pets and being
able to heal themselves and their pets over time using Gift of the Naaru.
The Horde races are equally effective at being a Hunter.

Trolls are very good Hunters with their Bow Specialization and DPS bonus
using Berserker. The trolls are very well rounded Hunters as they also
have a damage bonus to beasts using Beast Slaying. And to top it off they
can use Regeneration for health restoration.

As a tauren Hunter you will find Warstomp a great asset to help you keep
your distance from foe’s and do your damage from afar. On the flip side
the orc’s use their Hardiness ability to reduce stun effect duration by
15% and they also use Command to give their pets a 5% damage bonus.

Finally if you have the Burning Crusade expansion you may choose the blood
elf as a Hunter using Arcane Torrent as an effective strike against enemy
casters and it also is a fast way to replenish the Hunters mana.


Race Strength Agility Stamina Intellect Spirit Armor Health
 Draenei TBC 21 20 21 20 23 40 56
 Ironforge dwarf 25 19 22 19 20 38 66
 Human Cataclysm 20 23 21 20 21 33 56
 Night elf 16 27 21 20 21 54 56
 Pandaren Mists of Pandaria  TBA  TBA  TBA  TBA  TBA  TBA  TBA
 Worgen Cataclysm 23 25 21 16 20 61 56
 Blood elf TBC 17 25 21 23 19 50 56
 Forsaken Cataclysm 19 21 21 18 26 33 66
 Goblin Cataclysm 17 25 21 23 19 50 56
 Orc 23 20 22 17 23 40 66
 Tauren 25 19 22 16 23 38 67
 Troll 21 25 21 16 22 50 56





The Cataclysm expansion pack brings big news for the Hunter class
enthusiast. Up until now there was many choices for the wow Hunter,
you could play as a draenei,dwarf,night elf,blood elf,orc,tauren or troll.
But now with Cataclysm you can also play as a human,worgen,goblin and even
undead bringing much more variety to the class.


Some world of warcraft gamers consider the Hunter to be a poor soloing
character due to its lack of melee skills and magic. I’ve even seen some
newbie Hunters that only play as part of a group because they think
that the Hunter can’t solo.

This is completely untrue.

While the hunter may not solo as well as a death knight or paladin, itwow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide
can certainly hold its own when it comes to soloing. The Hunter just has
to solo differently than other classes.

Keep your distance and snip as many foe’s as you can then use Rapid Fire
to mow down your enemies. Try it and you’ll find that with some practice
the Hunter can do just fine soloing under most conditions. As a Hunter
you might want to team up when fighting bosses or very fast and stealthy
enemies. Other than that, solo as much as you want and enjoy the world
of warcraft.





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