WOW Hunter Pets Guide

Just as the Lone Ranger had Tonto to fight besides him, the world
of warcraft Hunter has his/hers wide variety of pets. I never
felt that calling them “pets” was appropriate because for the
most part they are anything but cuddly little fur balls that sit
in your lap and lick your face. The Hunters pets are fierce and
brave fighting alias of the Hunter that will give their lives in
devotion to their Hunter companion.

In order for the Hunter to get pets he/she must use the “Tame Beast”
Beastmaster skill on a tamable beast of the same level as the Hunter
or lower. While attempting to tame a beast the hunters defenses are
reduced by 100% leaving them highly vulnerable to the beasts attacks
for a period of 20 seconds. This is why I highly recommend that when
you first start playing a world of warcraft Beastmaster Hunter you
should tame beasts that are at least 1 level beneath you until you
better understand just how it works.

Because your Hunter will be highly vulnerable while taming, any way of slowing or
stopping the beast will be very helpful if not essential. Using the “freezing trap”
skill multiple times will make your chance of completing the tame much better since
your tame attempt can be interrupted by the beast attacking you or knocking you back.

If your Hunter is draenei you should cast “Gift of the Naaru” before attempting a
tame to fortify yourself a bit. If you are playing with a group ask for help to keep
the beast at bay while you are taming. A Priest can use Power Word “Shield” to
protect you during the tame, a druid can use “Hibernate” on the beast before you
start a tame and you can also tame a beast that a mage has sheeped which makes the
tame much easier.

Once you have tamed a beast it will be under your command and will obey your orders
to attack your foes or to follow you and stay by your side. This is how you will use
your pet in world of warcraft battles.

Even though I love my Hunter pets you must remember that they are a tool to be used
to help you defeat your WOW enemies. I usually send in my pets as a tank from as far
away as possible, by ordering it to “Attack”. The pet will build aggro when it
attacks which will keep the mob focused on it rather than you. Let your pet attack
for a bit and then order it to “Follow” you to bring the mob just into range for you
to attack then order it to “Attack” again. This will keep the mob off of you so you
will be free to attack from a distance and defeat the mob much easier.


Tammable Beasts:
PET                Class                               Ability                               Eats

Bat                  Cunning                       Sonic Blast                       Fungus, Fruit 
Bear                Tenacity                       Swipe                                Meat, Fish, Cheese, Bread, Fungus, Fruit 
Bird of Prey   Cunning                       Snatch                              Meat 
Boar                Tenacity                       Gore                                  Meat, Fish, Cheese, Bread, Fungus, Fruit 
Carrion Bird  Ferocity                       Demoralizing Screech   Meat, Fish 
Cat                   Ferocity                       Prowl, Rake                     Meat, Fish 
Chimaera       Cunning  (exotic)       Froststorm Breath         Meat 
Core Hound   Ferocity (exotic)        Lava Breath                     Meat, Fish 
Crab                Tenacity                       Pin                                     Fish, Bread, Fungus, Fruit 
Crocolisk        Tenacity                      Bad Attitude                     Meat, Fish 
Devilsaur        Ferocity (exotic)       Monstrous Bite                Meat, Fish 
Dragonhawk  Cunning  BC              Fire Breath                        Meat, Fish, Fruit, Raw Meat, Raw Fish 
Gorilla             Tenacity                     Pummel                             Bread, Fungus, Fruit 
Hyena              Ferocity                      Tendon Rip                       Meat, Fruit 
Nether Ray     Cunning  BC              Nether Shock                    Meat, Raw Meat
Moth                Ferocity BC               Serenity Dust                    Cheese, Fungus, Bread 
Raptor             Ferocity                      Savage Rend                      Meat 
Ravager           Cunning  BC              Ravage                                Meat, Raw Meat 
Rhino               Tenacity Wotlk (ex) Stampede                          Cheese, Bread, Fungus, Fruit 
Scorpid            Tenacity                     Scorpid Poison                  Meat 
Spirit Beast     Ferocity Wotlk (ex) Spirit Strike                        Meat, Fish 
Serpent            Cunning                    Poison Spit                          Meat, Fish, Raw Meat, Raw Fish 
Silithid             Cunning  (exotic)    Web                                      Meat 
Spider              Cunning                    Web                                      Meat 
Sporebat         Cunning  BC              Spore Cloud                       Cheese, Bread, Fungus, Fruit 
Tallstrider       Ferocity                     Dust Cloud                         Cheese, Fungus, Fruit 
Turtle               Tenacity                     Shell Shield                       Fish, Fungus, Fruit, Raw Fish 
Warp Stalker  Tenacity BC               Warp                                  Fish, Fruit, Raw Fish 
Wasp                Ferocity BC               Sting                                   Cheese, Bread, Fungus, Fruit 
Wind Serpent Cunning                     Lightning Breath             Fish, Cheese, Bread 
Wolf                 Ferocity                      Furious Howl                    Meat 
Worm              Tenacity (exotic)       Acid Spit                            Meat 

NON-Tammable Beasts:

Basilisk, Clefthoof, Diemetradon, Elekk, Frenzy, Giraffe, Ghost Wolf,
Gryphon, Hippogryph, Hydra, Kodo, Kraken, Mana Wyrm, Orca, Pterrordax,
Ram, Shark, Spirit Wolf, Spore Walker, Stag, Stegodon, Talbuk,
Threshadon, Thunder Lizard, Wyvern & Zhevra.