WOW Monk Leveling Guide | Monk Quest Guide

Druid’s and Paladin’s beware, there is a new tank/healer/DPS in town.
And its name is the Monk.

This very unique class is quite amazing, and people seem to
either love it or hate it. The monk is the eleventh class
to come to world of warcraft and is the seventh hybrid class
that can DPS. Also it is the fifth class that can heal and the
fifth class that can tank.

If you are a hybrid class lover than the monk is the class of
your dream’s. The monk can pretty much do everything there is
to do in world of warcraft. By using a completely new kind of
basic mechanics, the monk is able to conform to up to 33
different specialization’s.

Just as the death knight was a welcome addition to the world of
warcraft and quickly became a favorite to players that favored
the rogue and warrior classes.

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The monk will attract players of all classes since they will be
able to play basically the same as they always have and be able
to use a full assortment of new talents that were previously
unavailable to them.

This versatility may make the monk look like the ultimate, superior,
super class but it does have it’s draw backs, especially during
the lower levels. A new monk will not compare to a new warrior or
druid when it comes to tanking.

Traditional melee players will likely struggle with a new monk
because they are used to paying full attention to hand to hand
combat where the monk will take a little more work to get the job done.

The monks equipment is just what you would expect a monk to have.
Specialization in fighting with staves and using no higher than
leather armor. This makes perfect sense if you think about it.

A real monk depends on self discipline for strength, agility,
speed and precision and would not benefit from plate armor as it
would just hinder movement. Also the monk would prefer an
offensive/defensive weapon like the staff instead of a bulky two handed axe.

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Unlike the death knight, the monk starts off at level 1 just
like any other class. The monk will take some time to develop
and learn so I see it as a long term class that only serious
players will be able to master quickly. I’m not saying that the
average player will not be able to use a monk, it just will be

more of a challenge to become fluent with. If you already play
classes that are multi-skilled in DPS, tanking and healing, you
will have a much easier time adapting to the monk class.

Check out the WOW Monk Leveling & Quest Guide HERE!

If you have experience in playing a paladin you will relate very
well to the monk as they are practically mirror images of each other.
They use similar weapon’s and perform the same duties (tanking,healing,DPS)
they just do these things in a different ways. Also if you have become
bored playing a paladin but like the style of play then you should
definitely like the monk class. The monk can also be played using
many more races than the paladin, so it offers a wide variety of
playing styles depending on what race you choose.