WOW Paladin Leveling Guide | Paladin Quest Guide

 The Paladin wow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide

The Paladin , the holy warrior of the holy light and
sworn defending knight of the Alliance.The Paladins’
of the Tirisfal Glades in endless battle against the
ever advancing Forsaken.

In this World of Warcraft Paladin guide we’ll show you
the in’s and out’s of how to play this highly versatile
and very formidable character to its’ fullest.

Plus incredible secrets for getting huge amounts of gold
and how to level up super quick so you can have more
fun in the World of Warcraft.

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Paladins are well known far and wide for their fierce
melee skills deep in the heart of the battle and their
amazing Aura’s that greatly benefits their allied party
or causing severe hardship and damage to their foe’s.

In this WOW Paladin Guide we will show you how Paladin’s
use mana to power their spell casting and are able to cast
their Aura spells while engaging in hand to hand combat.

We refer to Paladin’s as highly versatile character’s
with good reason. Although the Paladin is a Alliance only
class they are the only class besides the Warrior that
can wear plate armor which is a huge plus.

Even though at first Paladins are limited to only using
blunt weapons like maces and hammers , as they reach
certain level’s they are able to wield massive Axes and
Sword’s causing substantial damage to their enemies.

If you like the idea of a Warrior and Mage combo ,
the Paladin just might be the character for you.

And this WOW Paladin Guide will help you .

 The Paladin has come a long way from it’s original
gaming aspect of being primarily a healer.

Now a days the Paladin is arguably the most versatile
of all classes in World of Warcraft. While still having
the abilities of a healer when at rest the Paladin is
also a terrific melee fighter, a great tanker and a
formidable foe in PvP and PvE.

Click Here To Check Out The WOW Paladin Leveling Guide and Paladin Quest Guide world of warcraft paladin leveling guide

With all these things considered the Paladin is one of the
best, if not the best soloing class in World of Warcraft.
Learning how to play a Paladin correctly as with any class
is crucial.
You can learn every detail of playing your Paladin the best
way posible with this World of Warcraft Paladin guide. Enjoy.

 Race Selection

When starting out as a Paladin in the original world of warcraft
it was a Alliance only class with only two races to choose from.
You could play as a dwarf or a human and that was it. While both
races made excellent Paladins they were pretty much equal, not
leaving any variety for the Paladin. As a human Paladin you gained
a 10% bonus to reputation gained. As a dwarf Paladin you had the
bonuses of Stone Form and Cold Resistance, and the Gun specialization
of dwarves was of no use. Pretty much six of one and half a dozen of the other.

Not until the Burning Crusade expansion did the Paladin class expand
to allow the new blood elf horde race to assume the Paladin role
bringing with them the Arcane Torrent skill. Also the new Alliance race,
the draenei is now able to become a Paladin bringing their Hot spell
and aura of plus hit %.


Race Strength Agility Stamina Intellect Spirit Armor Health Mana
 Draenei TBC 23 17 22 20 23 34 58 80
 Ironforge dwarf 27 16 23 19 20 33 70 79
 Human 22 20 22 20 21 40 58 80
 Blood elf TBC 19 22 22 23 19 44 58 125
 Tauren Cataclysm 27 15 24 15 23  N/A  N/A  N/A



Being that the paladin class is such a one sided class, the Cataclysm
expansion does little to help it race wise as you can’t use either of
the new races (worgen and goblin). But it does introduce the tauren
race to the Paladin class which should turn out pretty viable.



In my opinion the Paladin is certainly one of the best overall soloingwow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide
character classes. Not only is the Paladin an accomplished melee fighter
with strong offensive and defensive hand to hand fighting skills, but
the Paladin also has the use of offensive and defensive auras.

These auras can help to strengthen and replenish the Paladin and also
do great damage to the Paladins enemies. Having these auras available
is an absolutely huge benefit to soloing as a Paladin. Experiment with
these different auras and you will find them incredibly useful.




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