WOW Rogue Leveling Guide | Rogue Quest Guide

 The Roguewow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide

The Rogue ,what a great and fun character it is.

This very unique character is highly versatile as it is kind of
a hybrid of many different traditional characters.Stealth
is a huge part of what a rogue is all about.

Like a Ninja the Rogue can almost instantly vanish into
the shadows in a blink of an eye as if they were never
there at all. Like the Thief their nimble finger’s make
them expert’s at lock picking , pick pocketing and slight
of hand misdirection. They are excellent at scouting ahead
inside enemy line’s or sneaking in undetected for the quick kill.

Because of their stealthy attributes they are limited to leather
armor to maintain their speed and flexibility but their melee
damage is superior to most other character classes.

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They also have the ability to become increasingly transparent 
and even completely invisible as they advance in levels and skill.

A key factor to a Rogues’ success in melee combat is their
use of different opening moves that lead up to a
devastating finishing move.

When in melee combat each successful opening move
(like Back stab or Sinister Strike) will light up one of
five bubble’s in a sense charging up the Rogue’s power to
complete a finishing move. The more bubble’s that are lite
(charged) the more devastating the finishing moves’ damage.

Once a finishing move has been performed or the Rogues’
target has changed the bubble’s will lose all charge and
will no longer be lite.

This is a very exciting character and tons of fun to play,
give it a try you’ll love it.

Because of their incredible stealth skills the Rogue
is always my first choice class when it comes to PvP or PvE.

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Even though a Rogue does not have the defensive qualities
that a Paladin or Warrior might have, there stealthy kill
attacks can really pack a lot of punch and deliver more
than enough damage for them to dominate in PvP and PvE.

The Rogue is generally a simple class to play and can
level up with reasonable ease.

Race Selection

The dwarf race will benefit the Rogues’ Lockpicking abilities using
Find Treasure, but not much else. The dwarfs Mace Specialization
will help providing you use a mace. Stoneform helps against bleeds,
diseases and poisons.

The gnome race can amplify the Rogues abilities with Escape Artist,
and the Engineering specialization makes for many useful items to
be used by the Rogue.

The human is a flexible race with Diplomacy, Sword and Mace
Specialization and Every Man for Himself are all handy but not
crucial for the Rogue.

The night elfs Shadomeld is of great benefit to the Rogue enabling a
second disappear ability. And 1% bonus to dodge may not sound like
much but every little bit helps.


The blood elf’s Arcane Torrent and Magic Resistance help the Rogues
defenses which are lacking.

The orcs Hardiness is a great help to a Rogues defenses and Blood
Fury makes the Rogues all ready awesome DPS even better.

The troll may not sound like a great race for a Rogue, but it will
give the Rogue Regeneration allowing health recovery. Also Da Voodoo
Shuffle helps to keep the Rogue from being restrained by foe’s.

Berserker will give the Rogue even more damage dealing abilities.
The undead has Cannibalize to keep the Rogue from wasting time resting
when soloing and Will of the Forsaken works excellent in PVP.


Race Strength Agility Stamina Intellect Spirit Armor Health
 Ironforge dwarf 26 19 22 19 19 38 65
 Gnome 16 25 21 24 20 50 55
 Human 21 23 21 20 20 46 55
 Night elf 17 27 21 20 20 54 55
 Pandaren Pandaria  TBA  TBA  TBA  TBA  TBA  TBA  TBA
 Worgen Cataclysm 23 25 21 16 19 50 55
 Blood elf TBC 18 25 21 23 18 50 55
 Forsaken 20 21 21 18 25 42 55
 Goblin Cataclysm 18 25 21 23 18 50 55
 Orc 24 20 22 17 22 40 65
 Troll 22 25 21 16 21 50 55




Although with the Cataclysm expansion the Rouge is still not able
to choose the draenei or tauren races which I think would be pretty
fun, they can use both of the new worgen and goblin races.

I especially like the idea of playing a worgen Rogue. What better
race to compliment the stealthy rogue class than a wolf based race
with enhanced speed and agility.



Because of their versatility the Rogue is able to play solo muchwow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide
better than some other classes. The Rogues stealth allows it to
maneuver through the world of warcraft with great ease and has
strong and fast melee attack’s to quickly eliminate its enemies.

Also their stealth allows them to get out of situations that get
too difficult, allowing them to retreat and prepare for the next
attack. With a little practice the Rogue can solo quite well and
be lots of fun to play, I think only the Paladin and Druid classes
might be better at soloing in World of Warcraft.




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