WOW Shaman Leveling Guide | Shaman Quest Guide

The Shamanwow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide


The Shaman at first glance may not look like a very formidable
character , but look a little closer and you will see that it
is not only a very powerful class but it is also a very fun
character to play.

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The Shaman being a Horde only character class is kind of the
flip side of a Paladin.Similar to the Paladins’ Aura’s the Shaman
has the ability to summon powerful Totem’s.

In the World of Warcraft a Shamans’ totem’s can cause great damage
to a Shamans enemies using powerful spells like Fire Nova Totem ,
Searing Totem and Totem of Wrath. On the other hand Shamans’ can
also summon Totems that benefit the Shaman and his surrounding
party , Totem’s like Fire Resistance Totem , Frost Resistance Totem
and Strength of Earth Totem. The Shaman’s of the World of Warcraft
are the communicators with the spiritual world.

 They are similar to Priest’s as they are the guides or
leader’s of their clans and tribes. They use meditation
to see the future through spiritual vision’s and talking
with the spirit’s of their past ancestor’s to help
guide them and their follower’s through the earth plan.

Through these teaching’s the Shaman is also a great spell
caster able to harness the power of lightning itself using
it as a lightning Shield , a lightning Bolt or as chain lightning.

All though the Shaman is limited to using only leather armor
at first they are able to use mail armor once they reach level 40.

The Shaman is no wimp either maybe their not the most powerful
character class in World of warcraft when it comes to brute
strength the Shaman can certainly hold his own when it come
to hand to hand combat.

Try this character class and you will see what I mean.


Click Here To Check Out The WOW Shaman Leveling Guide and Shaman Quest Guide

Being able to summon up to four totems at a time the Shaman
can very effectively conform any fighting situation.

Using one totem to increase his groups damage,another to weaken
their foes defensives and yet a third to increase their
groups DPS and so on. At the same time they can be actively
fighting as a strong melee character or even tanker.

What a great combination.

 Race Selection

Being that the Shaman is such a multi faceted character,
any race works well as a Shaman character.
The Shaman can be only be a tauren,orc,troll or draenei
(draenei available with the Burning Crusade expansion).

The taurens War Stomp is nice as it stuns the Shamans enemies
making it easier for the Shaman to handle multiple foes.

The orcs Blood Fury gives the Shaman bonuses both in attacks
and magic, and Hardiness reduces the duration of incoming stun attacks.

The troll race doesn’t bring anything of much value to the
Shaman, but can still be fun to play.

The draeneis Heroic Presence helps the Shamans chance to hit
and Gift of the Naaru helps to keep the Shamans mana up.


Race Strength Agility Stamina Intellect Spirit Armor Health Mana
 Draenei TBC 22 17 21 21 24 34 59 90
 Ironforge dwarf Cataclysm 22 16 23 22 21  N/A  N/A  N/A
 Pandaren Pandaria  TBA  TBA  TBA  TBA  TBA  TBA  TBA  TBA
 Goblin Cataclysm 18 22 21 24 20  N/A 59 135
 Orc 24 17 22 18 24 34 69 73
 Tauren 26 16 22 17 24 32 70 72
 Troll 22 22 21 17 23 44 59 72




When I first saw the new races available to the wow Shaman I felt
that the Shaman had gotten the shaft. I thought that blizzard might
allow many new races for the shaman but instead they only added two,
the dwarf and the goblin. But then it hit me and I realized just how
effective these two races would be and I was thrilled. Most of all I
like the goblin race for the Shaman as it will lend its engineering
skills to the Shaman which will make the Shaman even more versatile. Nice!


Being the “Jack of all trades” character class in world of warcraft,
the Shaman can quest solo quite well after you learn how to use the
Shamans totems well. I recommend playing with a group at first, get
past the first seven levels playing as part of a group. This will
give you enough experience with the complex Shaman class to startwow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide
playing solo.

The Shaman class does not have any particular strengths, but it
also does not have any particular weaknesses either. It is a medium
level talent class across the board. I find this to be an absolute
plus when it comes to questing solo as you can adapt to all kinds of
situations. There is allot to learn with this class but definitely
not too much where it is not a fun character to play.




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