WOW Warlock Leveling Guide | Warlock Quest Guide

 The Warlockwow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide

I like to call Warlock’s the Dark Mage’s.
I think that Dark Mage’s truly describes in two simple word’s
what warlock’s are. After all they originated as regular Mage’s
but they indulged into the black art’s or the dark side of magic.

The Warlocks strategy is a mix of several skill’s and talent’s
enabling the warlock to have multiple offensive and / or defensive
action’s going at the same time.

They are part Dark Mage ,using their tainted spell casting abilities
to directly attack their foe’s with powerful spells like Chaos Bolt,
Hellfire , Incinerate and Searing Pain just to name a few.

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They are also part Necromancer being able to summon disturbing and
twisted creature’s from beyond the World of Warcraft to do his bidding.
These “Pet’s” as they are called very in strength ,skill’s and abilities.
The gloomy almost zombie looking  Void Walker is the Warlocks’ bodyguard
, staying close to its’ master and able to take a huge amount of damage
protecting its’ master Warlock.


The demonic Succubus can also be summoned by the Warlock
to use her seductive talent’s and understanding of the
carnal desires to turn the Warlocks’ enemies to jelly making
them easy target’s for the Warlock and his surrounding party
to defeat.

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Then their is the pesky little Imp. With a fragile build and
short in stature the Imp is not able to withstand a huge amount
of damage but it’s mastery of the fire art’s both offensively
with spells like Fire Bolt and defensively with spells like
Shield of Fire serve its’ Master well.

The Warlock in World of Warcraft is definitely a cool character
class to play if you like multiple strategies in combat and like
the idea of summoning minion’s to due your bidding.

Unlike a Mage or Priest the Warlocks spell-casting is slightly
more self serving to the warlock. Survival and looking out for
#1 is a good way to describe the Warlocks general abilities.

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They summon demons to serve and protect them. Because of this
nature the Warlock is more adept to fighting multiple foes and
will generally do quite well soloing which helps them to level
up faster.

A very unique and changeable character class makes the Warlock
an absolute blast to play.

Race Selection

There are only two races a Warlock may be for the alliance,
human or gnome.

The humans are a overall well rounded race for any class,
and the Warlock is no exception. Perception helps to locate
transformed enemies and Human Spirit gives a bonus to the
Warlocks Demonic Embrace and Fel Armor. Every Man for Himself
is probably the most beneficial trait from the human race,
mostly in PVP.

The gnomes are a naturally adapted race for the Warlock as
they have abilities that help many Warlock necessities. With
Escape Artists the gnome helps the Warlock get out of unwanted
melee situations. Expansive Mind is great for replenishing the
Warlock’s mana. Engineering Specialist is a great help to the
Warlock in PVP.


The blood elve’s make for a good Warlock using their natural
2% resistance to spells and their Arcane Torrent is great for
keeping the Warlocks mana up.

The orc’s have many characteristics that will benefit the Warlock.
The orcs Blood Fury gives an extra bonus to the Warlocks spell
damage for a 15 second period with a relatively short cool down time.
Hardiness is of great value to any class as it takes 15% off the
duration of stuns which are used by many foes.

The undead race makes Will of the Forsaken(undead) available to the
Warlock which is awesome in PVP among other circumstances.
Also the Warlocks Life Tap works very well in conjunction with the
undeads Cannibalize trait.

For the most part, the race you choose will only make a difference
to the quality of your Warlock in the early to mid levels so don’t
rack your brain trying to decide the absolute best race for your
Warlock. See what race seems like one you would enjoy using and go
with it, remember this is for fun.


Race Strength Agility Stamina Intellect Spirit Armor Health Mana
 Gnome 15 22 21 26 22 44 53 200
 Human 20 20 21 22 22 40 53 140
 Worgen Cataclysm 23 22 21 18 21 33 53 108
 Dwarf Cataclysm 25 16 22 21 21 33 63 125
 Blood elf TBC 17 22 21 25 20 44 53 185
 Forsaken 19 18 21 20 27 36 53 110
 Goblin Cataclysm 17 22 21 25 20 33 53 185
 Orc 23 17 22 19 24 34 63 109
 Troll Cataclysm 21 22 21 18 23 24 53 108




Being that the warlock is primarily a spell caster the gnome,human,
blood elf,orc and undead seemed to be all the races that a Warlock
would want to choose from. Blizzard has added the dwarf and troll
race to be used by a Warlock in addition to the new worgen and
goblin races all of which have various traits that will help the
WOW Warlock in conjunction with the Warlocks spells and curses.


Some say that the Warlock is a tough character class to solo with
but I disagree. True, for the earlier levels the Warlock has not
learned the spells and skills to solo very effectively so playing
in a group would be wise. Once you have gotten your Warlock to
level seven or so you will have some good spells that will enablewow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide
you to solo, but it will still be a little tricky until you reach
level ten. By this time you should be able to solo reasonably well.

WOW Warlock Leveling Guide | Warlock Quest Guide

Send your voidwalker into battle and let him build up some aggro
then use Corruption, Curse of Agony and Immolate to destroy your
enemies. You will get other pets as you level up to help you fight
and soloing will get a bit easier as you advance.




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