WOW Warrior Leveling Guide | Warrior Quest Guide

The Warrior wow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide

The superior hand to hand combat character class.

The Warrior strategy is fairly simple and straight forward.
Get the biggest and baddest weapons , armor ,shield’s etc. get
into the battle an kick your enemies but. Alright there is a lot
more to it than just that but that’s the general idea.

The Warrior of the World of Warcraft is quite a bit different
than the traditionally thought of brute force mindless violence
character you might have played in other game’s.

The World of Warcraft Warrior has a vast selection of axe’s ,
dagger’s ,mace’s, sword’s ,bows ,crossbows ,fist weapon’s ,stave’s
,pole arms and even gun’s to choose from.Of course the World of
Warcraft Warrior can advance in levels to use all the armor type’s
available starting with leather moving up to mail and eventually
to full plate armor once level 40 is reached.But the Warrior also
has several other tool’s and skill’s in his / her arsenal.

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The Warrior has three different stances which they are
able to use depending on their current situation.
These stances must be used in order for the Warrior to
use different abilities starting with the Battle
stance which gives the Warrior exceptional offensive
balance ,greatly increasing their melee abilities.

Later they can level up to use the Defensive stance
which enables them to use several defensive abilities
and increase their overall defense.

The Berserker stance once achieved is when the Warrior
really gets cool. You can now use Cleave which allows you
to cause damage to enemies close to your primary target
enabling much better multi monster fighting.

Then their is Beserker Rage making the Warrior immune to
ability inhibiting spells from his / her enemies. With
Whirlwind the Warrior spins with weapon’s drawn and
delivers devastating damage to multiple foe’s plus other
Beserker abilities.

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The Warriors battle cries are another very valuable
tool in battle. Battle Shout for example greatly helps
his / hers parties attack abilities or cries like
Demoralizing Shout which reduces the enemies attack

The Warrior also has a special Rage pool that increases
during battle and can be used for taunts and other special
abilities against his / her enemies. Ton’s of fun playing a
Warrior especially if your a hand to hand battle style fan.

Race Selection

The draeneis’ Gift of the Naaru gives the Warrior a
much needed healing ability and Heroic Presence is a
great benefit when group playing. And of course they
also have Shadow Resistance.

The dwarves Stoneform ability is naturally of benefit
to the Warrior. Mace Specialization can be helpful.
The gnomes have Escape Artist, and their short stature
can be helpful.

The Humans are good for most classes with Diplomacy,
but their Sword and Mace Specialization is most useful
to the Warrior.

The orcs’ are probably the best horde race for the
Warrior with their Axe Specialization, Blood Fury and

The forsaken can assist the Warrior class with
Cannibalize and Will of the Forsaken.

The taurens’ Endurance bonus of 5% to base health, stun
effect of War Stomp and Nature Resistance are great
for the Warrior.

The trolls are close to the orc’s as they give the Warrior
Da Voodoo Shuffle, Berserking, Regeneration and Beast
Slaying, all very helpful to the Warrior class.


Race Strength Agility Stamina Intellect Spirit Armor Health
 Blood elf TBC 20 22 20 24 19  N/A  N/A
 Forsaken 22 18 22 18 25 36 60
 Goblin Cataclysm 20 22 22 23 18  N/A  N/A
 Orc 26 17 23 17 22 34 70
 Tauren 28 16 23 16 22 32 71
 Troll 24 22 22 16 21 44 60
 Draenei TBC 24 17 22 20 22 34 60
 Dwarf 28 16 23 19 19 32 70
 Gnome 18 22 22 24 20 44 60
 Human 23 20 22 20 20 40 60
 Night elf 19 24 22 20 20 48 60
 Pandaren Pandaria  TBA  TBA  TBA  TBA  TBA  TBA  TBA
 Worgen Cataclysm 26 22 22 16 19 98 60



 For a long time I wondered why as a Warrior you could choose from
every WOW race except for the blood elf race. I guess Blizzard
was just holding out so they could add it along with the new
worgen and goblin races available with the Cataclysm expansion pack.

Now the Warrior of world of warcraft is the first character class
that can choose any race available making the warrior a favorite
class to many players.


The Warrior seems like a natural when it comes to solo play in world
of warcraft. The Warrior is a pure fighting machine and can fight
almost non stop. But even the mighty Warrior needs to heal once in a
while. So when your going to solo make sure you have plenty of heals
with you or if your playing in a group be sure to protect your healer.

As a Warrior you can solo pretty well right from the beginning and Iwow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide
highly recommend that you do, this will speed up your leveling and
help to get you gold. But group play with a Warrior is lots of fun too
especially if your a action junky. Like I mentioned before the Warrior
can fight for long periods of time and do mega damage. Even though the
Warrior seems to be indestructible be sure to keep an eye on your
health as you will need to heal yourself when soloing and when in group
play your healer could get distracted or just not react quick enough to
heal you in time.



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